Sustainability at KENT Club!

Sustainability means more to us than just a word - it is a passion and a commitment that we take seriously as a club. That's why we have signed the Code of Conduct and joined the initiative „Zukunft feiern“ - "Celebrating the Future". This initiative advocates for effective and socially responsible climate protection measures in club operations, and we are proud to be a part of it.

The Code of Conduct is a sustainability concept aimed at creating a sustainable club culture. For us, this means aligning our own behavior in club operations with climate-friendly and environmentally-friendly practices, taking both economic and social aspects into account.

We take our responsibility seriously and actively implement measures. The easy accessibility of our club by public transport and bicycle is as important to us as barrier-free access to the club area and the restrooms. Furthermore, we work closely with partners from the region to keep transportation routes as short as possible and leave a low carbon footprint in the provision of services.

Our philosophy also includes reducing environmental impact. We follow the approach of not producing decoration materials, but renting them as needed to conserve resources. Our catering planning for artists aims to avoid food waste and thus improve our environmental footprint.

We are committed to turning off our refrigeration units when they are not needed to save energy. We firmly believe that every small step counts, and we are determined to drive continuous improvements towards a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, we are excited that with our bottle cap collection initiative and collaboration with eco projects, we can go one step further. By collecting and donating bottle caps, we support charitable projects while also reducing waste. It is a small contribution, but it can have a big impact.

Awareness also plays a central role in our vision of a sustainable club culture. We understand awareness as the ability to be conscious - both of our environment and the needs and safety of our guests.

The Code of Conduct has inspired us to engage deeply with various sustainability issues, including sustainability communication, energy efficiency, waste reduction, mobility, social aspects, nature conservation, resource conservation, and greenhouse gas avoidance. We set goals and work continuously to implement them step by step. This is to ensure that our future generations can also celebrate the future.

For us as a club, this concern is of the utmost importance. We want to bring about a positive change in the club landscape and serve as an example for other clubs and event organizers. Our mission is to promote sustainable practices and inspire our guests, partners, service providers, and the entire club community to also advocate for a more sustainable future.

Be a part of our movement! Celebrate the future with us and support our sustainable measures. Together, we can achieve great things and make the club culture a place where sustainability is at the forefront.

Welcome to KENT Club - where not only the present, but also the future is shaped and celebrated sustainably!